Public sale

On November 18th we’ll start our last phase of sale on Funky Aliens.
Public Minting
5000 pieces on sale
Prices will be
70 MATIC for one Funky Alien
180 MATIC for three pieces (60 MATIC each)
250 MATIC for 5 Funky Aliens (50 MATIC each)
👽Traits will be revealed at the midpoint of the public sale 👽If there is no time, within one hour of the end of the sale.
All 10.000 Funky Aliens will be minted and tradable on Opensea
All those who join the Sale and hold their Funky Aliens till the HD Funky Aliens issuing, we’ll have the access to a 100 HD Funky Aliens Giveaway. 1 Funky Aliens gives right to 1 ticket access. If you have more Funky Aliens, you’ll get more chance. All those who have at least 10 Funky Aliens will have their chance tripled.